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"Schutz des Geheimnisses des Mandanten - Einführung des ersten "attorney-client privilege" in Japan in eingeschränkter Form (Protection of secrets of the client – The first introduction of the attorney-client privilege in Japan in a limited form)" (in German) (PDF)
Mikio Tanaka
JAPANMARKT / German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan [Spring 2021]
"Antitrust Case News - Commission's decision revoking the administrative surcharge which was imposed twice on the same bidding case" (in Japanese)
Hiroaki Matsunaga
"Jurist" Vol. 1554, February 2021 / Yuhikaku Publishing Co., Ltd. [2021]
"Antitrust Case News - Merger Case in Which So-called "Failing Firm Defense" Was Essentially the Only Issue" (in Japanese)
Hiroaki Matsunaga
"Jurist" Vol. 1538, November 2019 / Yuhikaku Publishing Co., Ltd. [2019]
Expert comment in "Debate over bank account maintenance fees, where the BOJ's position is also questioned" (in Japanese)
Teruhisa Ishii
Financial Affairs No. 3330 / Kinzai Institute for Financial Affairs, Inc. [2019]
"Outline of and the Key Points in Dealing with the Subcontract Law and Related Laws" (in Japanese)
Teruhisa Ishii
July 2019 issue of Business Homu / Chuokeizai-sha, Inc. [2019]
"Antitrust Case News - Refusal to Admit New Members by Trade Association Which Has Entered into Insurance Agreement Necessary for Entering the Market"
Hiroaki Matsunaga
"Jurist" Vol. 1522, August 2018 / Yuhikaku Publishing Co., Ltd. [2018]
"Revised Anti-Monopoly Act introducing the commitment procedure will be enforced from the date that the Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement takes effect in Japan"
Yasuyuki Kuribayashi / Naoki Matsuo
CY Japan Legal Update [2017]
"Vertikale Preisbindung bald legal? (Will the Resale Price Maintenance be Made Legal?)" (PDF)
Mikio Tanaka
JAPANMARKT / German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan [November/December 2013]
"Visual Guide for Anti-Monopolization Act third edition" (in Japanese)
Chuokeizai-sha, Inc. [2010]
"Die Reformierung des Antimonopolgesetzes 2009" (2009 Amendment on the Anti-Monopoly Law) (in German) (PDF)
Mikio Tanaka
German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan [October 2009]
"Scope of application of new 'Guideline for Intellectual Property' (Compass for Anti-Monopolization Act)" (in Japanese)
Mika Okada / Tomohiro Tanamura (co-author)
Business Homu, February 2008 / Chuokeizai-sha, Inc. [2008]

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