Firm History

1987 Itoh & Matsuda was established.
1993 Itoh & Matsuda changed its name to Tokyo City Law & Tax Partners.
1997 Hirakawa, Sato & Kobayashi and Ohba & Ozaki were established, respectively.
1999 Hirakawa, Sato & Kobayashi changed its name to Hirakawa, Sato, Kobayashi & Hirata.
2001 Hirakawa, Sato, Kobayashi & Hirata changed its name to Yuwa Partners, and  Ohba & Ozaki changed its name to Ohba, Ozaki & Shimasue.
2003 City-Yuwa Partners was created by the merger of the Law Department of Tokyo City Law & Tax Partners and Yuwa Partners.
2005 City-Yuwa Partners merged with Ohba, Ozaki & Shimasue.

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