Kanako Inokuchi

  • Partner
  • Admitted, 1998, Japan
  • Languages: Japanese, English
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  • Publications / Presentations
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Practice Areas

Kanako Inokuchi is a partner of the firm. She provides clients with legal advices on corporate strategy relating to patent rights, trademark rights, design rights, copyrights, other IP rights and unfair competition prevention law. She also handles other IP matters including license negotiations, drafting, advising and negotiating contracts, and representing clients on infringement lawsuits. She also has extensive experience in advising clients on system developments and telecommunications and on personal data protection in and outside of Japan (e.g., GDPR and CCPA) in coordination with overseas firms.

General Corporate General Civil Practice Arbitration, Mediation and other ADRs Patent Litigation / Arbitration Unfair Competition Prevention Law, Designs, Trademarks and Copyrights License Agreement / Technology Transfer Agreement Advice on Patent Strategy IT, Internet and Information & Communications

Professional Background / Education

Professional Background

2020 to Present
City-Yuwa Partners


Meiji Gakuin University (LL.B.)
Legal Training and Research Institute
University of Washington (LL.M. in Intellectual Property and Policy)

Publications / Presentations

  • "What kind of liability is owed if the data on the purchaser's hard disk is destroyed due to a defect in the computer software sold on the Internet (product liability)?" (co-author, in "Q&A Internet Legal Practice and Tax Practice", Shinnippon-Hoki Publishing Co., Ltd., 2020)
  • "Practical Significance and Effect of the Revision of the Design Act" (in NBL No. 1148, Shojihomu Co., Ltd., 2019)
  • "The Role of Lawyers in Sports Organizations" (in Hogaku Seminar 2018/09, Nippon Hyoronsha Co., Ltd., 2018)
  • "New Possibilities for Protection of Store Appearance" (in NBL No. 1097, Shojihomu Co., Ltd., 2017)
  • "Legal Issues on Provision of Digital Contents on the Internet, Comments on the Guidelines" (in Separate Volume NBL No. 158 (Guidelines on Electronic Commerce and Information Property Trading), Shojihomu Co., Ltd., 2016)
  • "Impact of Brexit on Your IP Rights" (co-author, in e-hoki, Shinnippon-Hoki Publishing Co., Ltd., August 10, 19 and 23, 2016)
  • "Liability of Board Members of the Public Interest Corporations" (in e-hoki, Shinnippon-Hoki Publishing Co., Ltd., July 15, 2016)
  • "Points for 2014 Revision "Guidelines on Electronic Commerce and Information Property Trading"" (co-author, in Business Law Journal No. 81, LexisNexis Japan, 2014)
  • "Use of Copyrighted Materials over IT Validating the US Advanced Cases" (in Kaisha Homu A to Z, Dai-Ichi Hoki Co., Ltd., 2013)
  • "Networking and Copyright - Various Issues concerning Use of Contents" (in Cloud Business & Laws, Dai-Ichi Hoki Co., Ltd., 2012)
  • "Possibility on Protection of Store Appearance - Practical Study on Court Cases over Protection of Goods Display" (in NBL No. 947, Shojihomu Co., Ltd., 2011)
  • "Copyright Act Commentary" (co-author, Keiso Shobo Co., Ltd., 2009)
  • "Strategic Law Practice for Protection of Store Appearance - Osaka District Court Judgment July 3, 2007, Providing a Clue for Claims for Injunction of Acts of Unfair Competition" (in NBL No. 892, Shojihomu Co., Ltd., 2008)
  • "Responsibility of Provider for P2P File Exchange Software" (co-author, in Separate Volume NBL No. 118 (Interpretative Guidelines on Electronic Commerce and Information Property Trading), Shojihomu Co., Ltd., 2007)
  • "Patent and Litigation" (in "Science Technology and Intellectual Property Rights", Bunka Sozo Kenkyusho, 2006)
  • "P2P Software and Copyright Infringement - US Supreme Court MGM v. Grokster Judgment" (in NBL No. 815, Shojihomu Co., Ltd., 2005)
  • "Legal Protection for Shop Design - US Trade Dress Protection and the Possibility of Protection in Japan" (co-author, in "Memorial for Riichi Ushiki's 70th Birthday -Contemporary Issues for Design Act and Peripheral Acts", Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation, 2005)
  • "P2P Network and Copyright - Current Situation in US" (in NBL No. 785, Shojihomu Co., Ltd., 2004)
  • "Situation for Quotation and Infringement of Moral Rights and Defamation (Tokyo District Court, March 26, 2002)" (co-author, in COPY RIGHT No.495 Vol.42, Copyright Research and Information Center, 2002)
  • "In the Case of Internet Sales Targeting People All Over the World, in which Countries is Licensing Required?" (co-author, in "Q&A Legal and Tax Practice for Internet", Shinnippon-Hoki Publishing Co., Ltd., 2001)
  • "In the case that Products ordered from an Overseas Business over the Internet do not arrive, what can be done?" (co-author, in "Q&A Legal and Tax Practice for Internet", Shinnippon-Hoki Publishing Co., Ltd., 2001)

Professional Activities / Accolades

- Professional Activities-
■ The Copyright Law Association of Japan
■ The Japan Sports Law Association
■ Board member of the Japan Fencing Federation (Fédération Japonaise d'Escrime)
■ Member of Sports Integrity Subcommittee, Japan Sports Council of Japan Sports Agency (2019)
■ Member of Legal Committee, Fédération Internationale d'Escrime (2016-)
■ Member of Council of Women of Fencing Confederation of Asia (2015-)
■ Member of Japan Sports Law Association (2015-)
■ Director of Fédération Internationale d'Escrime (2014-)
■ Member of New Network Business Legal Issue Research Committee (Software Information Center) (2010)
■ Member of Software ADR Use Promotion Investigative Committee, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (2009)
■ Member of Working Group for Information Grand Voyage Project of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (2008)
■ Member of Investigative Research Committee for Guidelines on Electronic Commerce and Information Property Trading of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (2004-2018)
■ Part-time lecturer at Tokyo Institute of Technology (2004-)
■ Member of the Copyright Law Association of Japan (1997-)

- Seminars -
■ Speaker, "The effect on the world of sports resulting from Covid-19 and related legal topics" (Held by the Basic Act on Sport Research Committee of Japan Sports Law Association, 2020)
■ Speaker, "Overview and Agreements for Web Related Copyright Issues" (Training for Persons in charge of Intellectual Property Comprehensive Support Desk (INPIT), 2020)
■ Speaker, "Adequate Level of Protection - After GDPR Support" (City-Yuwa Partners, 2020)
■ Speaker, "Governance Code - Requirements for National Federation" (Japanese Para-Sports Association, 2019)
■ Speaker, "Democratic Control and Governance of Sports Organizations" (Japan Sports Law Association, 2019)
■ Speaker, "Outline and Response for EU GDPR - Effect on Japanese Corporations and Countermeasures" (Professionals Club, Meiji Gakuin University, 2019)
■ Speaker, "From the Site of Disposition Cases in regard to Appropriate Procedure related to Disposition Decisions in Sports Organizations" (Japan Sport Association, 2018)
■ Speaker, "GDPR Compliance: Data Breach Response" (Global law firm,2017)
■ Speaker, "GDPR Compliance: Employee Data and Data Transfer" (Global law firm, 2017)
■ Speaker, "Network and Copyright" (Software Information Center (SOFTIC), 2012-2017)
■ Speaker, "Japanese Version of Class Action from the Viewpoint of Business Operators" (Japan Law and Economics Association, 2015)
■ Speaker, "Points for Corporate Know-how Management and Measures for Retirees Learned from Dispute Cases" (The Association of Corporate Legal Departments, 2013)


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