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June 12, 2018Events
Noriko Higashizawa (Partner) and Masumi Takimoto (Licensed Visa Specialist) made the presentation titled "Working in Japan - Point-based Skilled Immigration System" at the Seminar "What’s it REALLY like to work in Japan?" hosted by Japan Society of Northern California.
June 1, 2018Firm News
Akira Nagasaki has been quoted on Bloomberg BNA: Environment & Energy’s article "Almost Half of Japanese Mercury Handlers Face New Reporting".
May 20, 2018Publications
Ryoko Takeda wrote an article titled "Substantial additional tax imposed by employees’ illegal acts: Based on the views concerning corporate governance on tax matter" published by Japan Tax Research Institute (Public Interest Incorporated Foundation).
May 14, 2018Firm News

Six lawyers of City-Yuwa Partners were chosen as Leading Lawyers in Japan by Asialaw Leading Lawyers 2018.

May 4, 2018Events
Arata Nomoto participated in panels "Regional Updates", "Loot Boxes and Other F2P Mechanics", and "Using Real-Life Objects in Video Games" at the Games Industry Law Summit 2018.
April 6, 2018Firm News
Yoko Maeda was appointed to be on Panel of Arbitrators of Asia International Arbitration Center (AIAC).
April 6, 2018From City-Yuwa
Ten lawyers of City-Yuwa Partners were chosen for the Ninth Edition of The Best Lawyers in Japan.
April 1, 2018Firm News
Kazuo Itazaki, admitted in 2002, has joined the Firm as a Counsel. Ryota Saito, admitted in 2012, and Tomohiko Hirose, admitted in 2014, have joined the Firm as Associates. Sihyung Yoo, a Korean licensed lawyer, has joined the Firm.
March 29, 2018Publications
Mikio Tanaka wrote an article titled "Die Fürsorgepflicht des Arbeitgebers" on employer’s obligation to secure safety of its employees, which appeared in the Spring 2018 issue of JAPANMARKT, published by the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan.
March 23, 2018Events
Haruyuki Hirata gave lectures on the Act on Protection of Private Information at a seminar held by The Life Insurance Association of Japan.
March 20, 2018Firm News
Yoshiko Koizumi wrote an editorial entitled "Difficulty of International Construction Contacts - Revision of FIDIC Standard Forms of Contract and Dispute Resolution Culture in Japan" which appeared in Editorial/Opinion No. 130(2) (March 2018 issue) posted on the website of the Editorial Committee of the Japan Society of Civil Engineers.
February 21, 2018Publications
Izuru Goto and Masumi Watanabe co-authored an article entitled "Legal analysis on Bitcoin transactions - detailed discussion -" as the third article of a series of articles entitled "Legal nature of cryptocurrencies" in the Business Homu (April 2018 issue).
February 1, 2018Firm News
Takayuki Aonuma has joined the Firm as an Of-Counsel.
January 25, 2018Events
Shigeki Obi joined as a speaker in ICC Young Arbitrators Forum "Investment Arbitration - Practical Tips from Investment Arbitration Practitioners".
January 1, 2018Firm News
Eight attorneys newly admitted, Hiroki Arai, Kaoru Imamura, Chiaki Kato, Tatsushi Nishizaki, Kentaro Sawata, Mari Tomita, SShigeki Yamada, and Kohei Yamamoto have joined the Firm.
January 1, 2018Firm News
Yoko Maeda, Yoshihiro Sakano, Hiroshi Matsuda, Yoshihiro Tsuda, Hirofumi Nagaki, and Tetsuya Munakata have been promoted to Partners of the Firm.
January 1, 2018Firm News
Akihiro Tsubosaka, admitted in 2012, has joined the Firm.
January 1, 2018Firm News
Nobuyuki Sakuraba has joined the Firm as a Partner.

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