Recent News


November 29, 2019Publications
"Quick Reference: 125 Q&As to Solve HR Concerns and Issues after the Work-style Reform" whose co-authors include Yota Iemura was published by Nihon Kajo Shuppan.
November 20, 2019Publications
Ryoko Takeda wrote an article entitled, "Withholding Tax Concerning Receiving Stock Awards granted by Foreign Parent Company" Basic 70 Case Book of Recent Tax Law published by Japan Tax Research Institute (Public Interest Incorporated Foundation).
November 1, 2019Publications
Hiroaki Matsunaga wrote an article titled "Antitrust Case News – Merger Case in Which So-called "Failing Firm Defense" Was Essentially the Only Issue" which appeared in November 2019 issue of Jurist (No. 1538).
October 28, 2019Publications
Teruhisa Ishii's comment on the introduction of bank account maintenance fees and the antimonopoly law appeared in the October 28 - November 4, fall 2019 issue (Vol. 70 No. 41) of Financial Affairs, published by Kinzai Institute for Financial Affairs, Inc. (in Japanese).
September 30, 2019Firm News
Yusuke Shimada was appointed as a committee member of Investigation Committee for Power Data established based on Grid Data Bank Lab. LLP which was planned by approximately 40 companies desiring to use the data with nine power companies including TEPCO Power Grid, Inc. The committee has been formed as a result of the discussion at the Electricity and Gas Basic Policy Subcommittee of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
September 30, 2019Publications
Mikio Tanaka wrote an article titled "Verschärfung der Datenschutzregelungen in Japan" (PDF) on the increased data privacy rules in Japan in the Autumn 2019 issue of JAPANMARKT, published by the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan.
September 21, 2019Events
Cholmin Kim was a panel chair and moderator for the Japan Lawyers Panel at the 27th International Korean Lawyer Conference sponsored by the International Association of Korean Lawyers.
September 19, 2019Events
Hitomi Sakai participated as a panelist at the Webinar entitled "Navigating United States - Japanese Private Client Planning" organized by STEP Mid-Atlantic.
September 15, 2019Publications
Hiroaki Asahara wrote an article entitled. "Working Style Innovation for Physicians, Remembrance of Heisei Era (Second Part)" for the September 15, 2019 Issue of Byouin Rashinban.
September 12, 2019Events
Yoko Maeda participated as a panelist in the seminar entitled "6th Annual International Arbitration, Regulatory & Competition Law Global Summit", jointly organized by LEGALPLUS and Wolters Kluwer.