Recent News


June 18, 2019Events
Noriyuki Katayama was a speaker on "The 2002 ISDA Master Agreement" at the ISDA Master Agreement Conference (Fukuracia Marunouchi OAZO).
June 16, 2019Publications
Mika Okada wrote an article entitled, "Heightened Expectations for National Universities as the Source of Knowledge for Innovation" in the June 2019 issue of les Nouvelles, published by The Licensing Executives Society International.
May 27, 2019Events
Mika Okada was a moderator for a workshop entitled, "Tech transfer from University" at LESI 2019 Annual Conference Yokohama Japan.
May 24, 2019Events
Mikio Tanaka gave lecture on Japanese Corporate Act at the Summer School of the University of Augsburg, Faculty of Law.
May 24, 2019Publications
Mikio Tanaka wrote an article titled "Das japanische Rechtswesen | Teil 5: Äranamen in Japan (Landscape of Japanese Law | Part 5: Era Name in Japan)" in JAPANDIGEST, published by the Doitsu News Digest GmbH.
May 23, 2019From City-Yuwa
Toshifumi Minami was awarded the Order of the Sacred Treasure, Gold and Silver Star.
May 21, 2019Publications
Teruhisa Ishii wrote an article titled "Outline of and the Key Points in Dealing with the Subcontract Law and Related Laws" for the July 2019 issue (Vol.19 No.7) of Business Homu, published by Chuokeizai-sha, Inc. (in Japanese).
May 20, 2019Publications
Ryoko Takeda wrote an article entitled "The consequence of mistakes relating to unexpected withholding tax burden on tax assessment, etc.: Focusing on the Decision of the Supreme Court dated September 25, 2018" published by Japan Tax Research Institute (Public Interest Incorporated Foundation).
May 20, 2019Firm News
Aditya R. Poojari, admitted to the Bar Council of Maharashtra & Goa in India, has joined the Firm.
May 13, 2019Events
Yoko Maeda participated as a speaker in the seminar entitled "Development and Specific Methods of Use of International Arbitration and Mediation in Japan and America", jointly organized by Daiichi Tokyo Bar Association and The State Bar of California.
May 9, 2019Events
Changsok Song gave a lecture entitled "Responses to Work Style Reform Act" at the law seminar (labor law) held by Korean Business Association in Japan.
April 25, 2019Events
Noriko Higashizawa and Ryoko Takeda made a presentation entitled "Protection of Personal Information in Japan In Relation to Adequacy Decision by the European Commission" at the Global Market Roundtable of IPMPC (International Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Privacy Consortium).
April 15, 2019Firm News
Hitomi Sakai, admitted in 2003, has joined the Firm as a Counsel. Masashi Komori, admitted in 2017, have joined the Firm as Associates.
April 9, 2019Events
Mikio Tanaka made a speech titled "Japanisches Recht „in a nutshell“" on important features of Japanese law that are most relevant to foreign investors at FORUM JAPAN - Freier Handel und Neue Geschäftschancen (free trade and new business chances) held by Wirtschaftskammer Österreich (Austrian Economic Chamber), in Vienna.
April 5, 2019Publications
Mikio Tanaka wrote an article titled "Mehr Rechte, weniger Überstunden" on the latest labor law reform in the Spring 2019 issue of JAPANMARKT, published by the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan.
April 4, 2019From City-Yuwa
Ten lawyers of City-Yuwa Partners were chosen for the Tenth Edition of The Best Lawyers in Japan.
April 1, 2019Firm News
Naoyuki Kishimi, admitted in 2007, and Satoshi Uchimura, admitted in 2015, have joined the Firm as Associates.
March 27, 2019Events
Yoko Maeda gave a lecture regarding international arbitration for construction companies and real estate developers organized by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.